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Video Explains Dealing with the 5 Natural Emotions

“Negative” Emotions Are Only Negative If Avoided

\5 Natural Emotions


We are generally taught that grief,anger,envy, and fear are not only negative, but destructive emotions. The solution, we are taught, (by word or deed)  is to stop feeling…to suppress or repress (stuff even deeper) these feelings.

Get rid of them or they will get rid of you. It’s mortal combat. This video shows us how allowing ourselves to feel, doesn’t mean we have to indulge these feelings and let them control us.

We can gain control of these feelings and our behavior if we see how love connects to these emotions and how we can actually control them more effectively by staying with them…dealing with them.

Anger can be controlled. Take 2 minutes to learn why 200,000 have already viewed this video.

Video produced by Jackalope Media