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Breathtakingly Images with DNA Healing Frequencies

Healing Music Meditative and Relaxing to Affect DNA Energetically

Curate Video 1 meditate

Some of the most amazing images you will ever see are weaved into music that includes a background frequency of 432 HZ which is said to effect DNA healing. The composer shares his exploration into the research that points to this healing effect.

It is also reported to open up energy centers in our body (Chakras) that can facilitate the healing potential of this frequency. The tones that are used are called the Solfeggio Scale. The artist is respectful of skepticism regarding these claims and has provide references to Youtube videos that the you can explore to draw your own conclusions.

I would encourage to dive into the whole offering over time, if not at once. As you know, you can use the slider to sample the amazing images.

Please enjoy sound and image below.

Ancient Knowledge part 6/1 on 432hz frequency

Out of the Silence mini Documentary

The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy

A= 432 Hz Pythagorean Tuning, Solfeggio, Phi, Sacred Geometry and the return to Universal Harmony

Tom Kenyon – Song of the New Earth Trailer

Special Thanks to One Mind For Posting This Video. All screenshots Are From This Video!

5 Minute Workplace Tai Chi Footage

3 Easily Learned Sitting or Standing Tai Chi Moves

This Five Minute Tai Chi lesson is great for a break during your day at work. It provides health and relaxation benefits in a practical and creative application.

You can do these exercises sitting or standing…either way is beneficial. Only three are involved with repetition to lock in the effects. The ease of practice recommends these techniques because if convenient they are more likely to be practiced and thus you are more likely to develop skill.

And the flexibility of practicing sitting or standing is fairly unique as physical discipline and exercise go. This is accessible for those of us who have physical limitations. It also just provides a variety which can make any routine practice more appealing.

What a great way to bring healthy exercise to the business professional…even while sitting in your chair if you like.