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Engaging and insightful, Pain Management and You: A Practical Approach to Living with Chronic Pain and Illness integrates new perspectives and ideas that will assist the reader’s healing and recovery.

People around the world struggle with chronic pain management, chronic pain syndrome, and live each day with pain and suffering. This book seeks to help each and every chronic pain patient. If you suffer from chronic pain and want to live your dreams, build your confidence, and improve your pain management, look no further. In his book, Michael develops his themes quickly and delivers them with simplicity and clarity. This is a synthesis of book and workbook…rich in straightforward advice, complemented by easily practiced techniques.

Learn better chronic pain management, control your pain and suffering, and live your dreams, starting TODAY

Please enjoy these FREE Book Resources below which complement the contents of my Book. 

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Available Resources / What You Will Find

You Will Find Audios, Transcripts, PDF text files, and a link to schedule a free strategy session if that interests you (Chapter 2). Some resources provide direction, some are visualizations, and others are guided self hypnosis. They will complement the book’s focus on developing coping skills, managing pain effectively, and building strength and confidence. 

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Chapter 1 Resource…Create Protection
Chapter 2 Resource…Clarify Your Vison

Chapter 2     Click Below & Schedule

Complementary  Strategy Session


Chapter 3 Resource…Cultivate Contentment
Chapter 4 Resource…Effortless Practice
Chapter 5 Resource…Relaxed Warmth
Chapter 6 Resource…Get Perspective
Chapter 7 Resource…Access Strength & Confidence
Chapter 8 Resource…Anger Management
Chapter 9 Resource…Stress Management
Chapter 10 Resource…Ease Into It
Chapter 11 Resource…Let It Go
Chapter 12 Resource…Have The Experience of What Acceptance Is Like

Chapter 12 Living Well Daily

The Peace Process  PDF Download