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Research: Stress Can Be Your Friend

Recent Research Demonstrates Beliefs About Stress Are Key

Research that really sheds new light on the effects of stress on our health. Our beliefs about it’s effects

make a huge difference on whether stress helps or harms us.

The stress response can lead to courage, compassion, and a healthy heart that gets stronger to prepare us for challenges.

We begin to change our beliefs about the destructive effects of stress and this begins to change the actual physiology

around the dynamics of the stress response. Who Knew? And what a pleasant surprise.

The research show that caring for and supporting others can actually nullify the destructive effects of stress.

Meditation Music Speaks to Your Soul

Breathtaking Images Perfect this Meditation Music

This is music that creates a meditative, relaxing soundscape that makes it easy to study, go to sleep, meditate, or just relax.

The background of sound limits distraction and thus contributes to focus and attention. You will not only notice a calm attention,

you will sustain a more balanced energy level and will be able to effectively pace your activity level in the interest of optimum productivity,

The breathtaking images enhance the music in ways that explain why millions have watched and listened to this one hour track that

you may well want to replay as long as you are engaged in a given activity. Meditation can certainly be that activity.

Your imagination will transport you to an interior landscape rich with peace, calm and quiet.