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Man Squeezes Last Ounce of Relaxation

This Tongue in Cheek Article About Relaxation is Humorous and too true

When vacation draws to a close and you are dreading returning to the work grind, you may have a hard time relaxing if you are trying too hard to have fun.

“You Must Enjoy Yourself!” , you say in an effort to bring it into being through sheer force of will. You are trying not to think about your responsibilities and the effort can ruin the outcome.

You will probably find something to relate to in this article that is satire and meant to be funny, with a ring of truth as well. Sometimes, what we resist persists.

Read this and remember…it is fiction that could be true.

ELKHART, IN—Saying even the tiniest moment of leisure counted, local man Brian Rabe told reporters Sunday that he was attempting to wring every last drop of relaxation from the single day that remained of his time off from work. “My four-day weekend’s almost done, so I just need to really dig in and focus on taking it as easy as humanly possible,” said Rabe.  I’m going to read a book—better yet, read it outside so I don’t have to do a separate activity to get some sun—then move straight to video games.” At press time, Rabe had spent at least a third of his day hopelessly distracted by his dread of returning to the office.

Thanks to the Onion for this piece of wit. Read the complete article here.

Breathtakingly Images with DNA Healing Frequencies

Healing Music Meditative and Relaxing to Affect DNA Energetically

Curate Video 1 meditate

Some of the most amazing images you will ever see are weaved into music that includes a background frequency of 432 HZ which is said to effect DNA healing. The composer shares his exploration into the research that points to this healing effect.

It is also reported to open up energy centers in our body (Chakras) that can facilitate the healing potential of this frequency. The tones that are used are called the Solfeggio Scale. The artist is respectful of skepticism regarding these claims and has provide references to Youtube videos that the you can explore to draw your own conclusions.

I would encourage to dive into the whole offering over time, if not at once. As you know, you can use the slider to sample the amazing images.

Please enjoy sound and image below.

Ancient Knowledge part 6/1 on 432hz frequency

Out of the Silence mini Documentary

The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy

A= 432 Hz Pythagorean Tuning, Solfeggio, Phi, Sacred Geometry and the return to Universal Harmony

Tom Kenyon – Song of the New Earth Trailer

Special Thanks to One Mind For Posting This Video. All screenshots Are From This Video!

Serenity Never Sounded So Good

Serenity and Relaxation…It’s Where You Belong

Awesome 4 hour soundscape of a mix of soothing and calming instrumental music that 22 million have viewed to date. Listen as briefly or long as you like.

The image is relaxing and the music takes you to a safe, peaceful place inside as you can easily visualize the place of your dreams. Serenity is the gift.

The power of visualization and sound combine to take you the center where serenity and calm are ever present. And with this calm there is the potential for healing as your body responds on a cellular and even a molecular level. This is where the DNA strands may be affected.